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Temperature sensor » Temperature sensor / temperature measuring transducer

Temperature sensor and temperature measuring transducer THERMASGARD®

Temperatures reliably detected and controlled: from -100 °C to +750 °C

Temperature sensor and temperature measuring transducer THERMASGARD® Trennlinie

The comprehensive range of our THERMASGARD® temperature sensors fulfils the requirements of most diverse applications and installation conditions.  

These easy to install temperature sensors, from the outdoor sensor up to the room sensor, have proved in thousands of ambitious applications and are available in practical measurement and control ranges from -100 °C to +750 °C. The patented designs of S+S enclosure series Frija, Odin, and Thor represent a high degree of operating comfort, providing an integral appearance of our sensor and control technology on site. With quality “Made in Germany” our products fulfil highest technical expectations.

  • ·With active, passive, or bus output, with or without temperature indicator (display)
  • Measuring ranges from -30 °C to 750 °C, individual custom-made solutions in many special configurations
  • Uniform enclosure design with protection types ranging from IP 20 to IP 68
  • Accuracy rates of Pt DIN sensors, class B, down to 1/10 DIN, all passive elements included in the range of products
  • Immersion sleeves and protective tubes made of stainless steel or brass, nickel-plated
  • The temperature transmitters are adjustable and calibrateable, with factory certificate on request
Fields of application
  • Hospitals and museums
  • Public authorities, institutes and banks
  • Sports arenas, schools, recreation centres and cinemas
  • Car dealers, ships and shipyards
  • Assembly halls, power plants and refineries
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