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Humidity sensor and humidity transmitter HYGRASGARD®

Accuracy up to 2 % r.H. – also for advanced requirements

Humidity sensor and humidity transmitter HYGRASGARD® Trennlinie

Because of their reliable accuracy and precision, our HYGRASGARD® humidity sensors and humidity meters are well-established in many sectors of building automation up to clean room technology and OP rooms.

With measurement ranges from 0 % to 100 % relative humidity at operating temperatures from -35 °C to +80 °C, each S+S humidity sensor covers a broad spectrum of standard as well as technical applications, with humidity sensor for measurement tolerances and control tolerances of max. ± 2 % or ± 3 % r.H. where required. As with all S+S humidity sensors, operability and design benefit from the uniform look & feel of the patented enclosure series Frija and Thor.  

Now also with exchangeable sensor

S+S is innovating! Our versatile HYGRASGARD® duct humidity sensors and on-wall humidity sensors are now also available in versions with pluggable sensor. Of course in long and compact form, with or without display, and in two accuracy classes as before.
That way defective sensors can be replaced without special knowledge during uninterrupted production. Ideal for processes generating great amounts of dust, dirt carriage, or splash water exposure.

Avoid trouble!

Humidity is a must at many processing applications, at others it's a threat. Our HYGRASGARD® humidity sensors have proved in thousands of sophisticated installations. From controlling moisture on ceiling pipes to prevent damages caused by dripping up to measurement of absolute humidity at compressors. Also available with output indicating mixture ratio where required. And in any case readjustable.

  • With active and / or passive output, with 4 switchable temperature ranges, as single parameter sensor or sensor combination, optional with illuminated display
  • Measuring ranges from 0 % to 100 % r.H. with highly stable durable humidity measurement
  • Equipped with the latest generation of digital humidity measurement elements, high long-term stability and reproducibility, with temperature compensation
  • Accuracy of high-quality versions ± 2 % r.H., standard devices ± 3 % r.H., available with factory certificate
  • Filter caps made of metal or plastic, metal sensor tubes, sturdy enclosures made of polyamide
Fields of application
  • Refrigeration technology, air conditioning technology, ventilation technology, and clean room technology
  • Food industry and pharmaceutical industry
  • Hospitals, production halls, and museums
  • Laboratories, offices, computer rooms, and control cabinets
  • Greenhouses and meteorology
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