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Air quality sensor and CO2 sensor AERASGARD®

Sensors for better air - increased CO2 values and VOC pollution reliably traced

Air quality sensor and CO2 sensor AERASGARD® Trennlinie

AERASGARD® air quality sensors enable controlled monitoring of room air quality. Energy consumption can be significantly reduced where fans, heating registers, or refrigerating systems, etc. are operated.

Depending on type and model, these devices detect and measure the fraction of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and/or the CO2 concentration in rooms or air ducts.

For energy-saving comfortablenes

Every person converts oxygen to carbon dioxide by breathing. The higher the CO2 content is, the worse is the air in the room. Our CO2 sensors measure the CO2 concentration by means of non-dispersive infrared technology (NDIR) that ensures longer service life and maximum accuracy compared to chemical sensors. So they enable extremely energy and cost-saving ventilation on an as-needed basis for room climate being as draught-free and non-tiring as possible.

As-needed basis means, that ventilators do not run permanently or in fixed intervals, but are switched on and off, triggered by a CO2 sensor, depending on the variable occupancy rate in the room. Typical applications are department stores, schools, hotels, and open-plan offices, but also cinemas, theatres and conference rooms. 

AERASGARD® CO2 sensors by S+S are available in several variants. As combined air quality and CO2 sensors for duct installation or on-wall installation, they also detect the mixed gas contamination of air by volatile organic compounds (VOC) and in the 30 mm flat Frija II enclosure design for wall mounting, the room temperature in addition. 

Core characteristics
Mixed gas sensor for VOC
Optical NDIR sensor for CO2
CO2 detection up to 2000 ppm
Active and switching outputs
Self-calibrating and maintenance-free
Enclosure made of impact-resistant ABS (stainless steel enclosure optional)
With or without display (Frija II with 5-colour LED traffic light for CO2 indication)

Controlled well-being
The function of NDIR sensors is based upon the variance of infrared light absorption with increasing CO2 concentrations in a room. The ascertained value is converted into an output signal for activation of the ventilation system on an as-needed basis. Room air quality controlled in this way improves general well-being and power of concentration.

  • Active respectively active and switching output, with or without display, or with LED traffic light indicator
  • Measuring ranges from 0 % to 100 % calibrated air quality respectively from 0 to 2000 ppm CO2 content
  • Ambient temperature ranges from -10 °C to 50 °C
  • Protection types from IP 20 to IP 65 in patented plastic enclosures, or in vandalism-secure stainless steel versions
  • Outdoor versions, duct versions, or indoor room versions for on-wall installation or in-wall installation
Fields of application
  • Room air technology and air conditioning technology
  • Flow monitoring at ventilators, dampers, heating registers, and humidifiers
  • Energy management
  • Residential rooms, workspaces and conference rooms
  • Institutes and laboratories
  • Cinemas and sales rooms
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